Dear applicant, as a community we all follow certain guidelines that we would like you to agree to:

  • We believe that « respect » for others encompasses the obligation of being clean, especially after a hard day of Work. So you will be required to follow specific rules regarding hygiene
  • Dirty clothes are not allowed in the dining room.
  • Before coming for meals please clean yourself and wash your hands
  • All our Inside And Outside premises are NON-SMOKING Area
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited. We want to protect our children and there is zero tolerance in that matter
  • Do not bring any alcohol
  • Any sign of violence, weapon-bearing, verbal abuse or aggressive behavior, whatever your explanations, are a cause for immediate and automatic expulsion
  • « Blue Jeans » clothing is prohibited for the members and long-term visitors in accordance with our educational philosophy and because the production of this fabric is highly toxic

Our rule about pets is very simple: never bring them.

Please bring with you ( for weekends and long-term stay):
  • Come prepared for changeable weather. It can get chilly…
  • Outdoor clothing (long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, long pants, shorts)
  • Footwear for outdoor activities (running shoes, boots or rain shoes that can get dirty)
  • Clean shoes for wearing indoors
  • Raincoat
  • Bathing suit
  • Clean outfits (pants and dress/button shirt for men; shirts /blouses, skirt, and dresses for women)
  • Hat or cap
  • Sun cream
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle


Important: Email us your resume and a photo of yourself with this completed document

Or snail mail to:
85 B Angels Rd, Unit A Colebrook, NH, USA, 03576
Payment options:

Directly on website with PayPal

Or, please make the check to:
The Ecovillage Institute
Mailing address:
85 B Angels Rd, Unit A
Colebrook, NH, USA, 03576