Ecovillage Family

Our Ecovillage Family

Ecovillage Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire

La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is an Ecovillage located in Colebrook, part of the Great Northwoods region of New Hampshire, about 47 miles (75 km) north of Mt. Washington.

“La Cite Ecologique of NH” is home to 35 to 40 permanent residents that  have established their home in 2004. The Community is surrounded by 315 acres of beautiful land, forest and mountains. So far the members have built one single family building, two large community residences where people live in a kind of condo arrangement, one community building which includes a community kitchen, a community hall, a laundry room and a nice fireplace for our long winters.

The Ecovillage residents also share a very nice farm with magnificent gardens, four greenhouses, chicken coop, acres of forests, 500 logs of shiitake, horses, dogs, cats and barn; in addition, we have our own sawmill, sport installations, sugar shack and trails.

We use pellets boiler and solar panels. We do compost and try our best to live in harmony with our environment. However we do use big tractors, pickup trucks and large equipment for hard work and difficult weather conditions.

We all are originally from Québec- so we speak French and English. Our inside and outside premises are non-smoking areas.

We have our own alternative school based on holistic education principles.

We do not follow any specific diet, but our Ecovillage community meals are vegetarian or with fish or chicken.

We do yoga and meditation but do not follow any specific religion other than shared principles and behaviors that we have developed and found helpful over the years.

Members of our Ecovillage community mostly work in one of our businesses or in the community farm or kitchen. We work together and share some of our expenses. Our members’ benefits include: job security, a school with high achievement and professional support, and multiple community services ( car pooling, group buying of organic and Fair Trade products, health care, recreational and sports activities, childcare, organic meals, celebration of holidays, summer camps, etc.).

Most of us consider ourselves an extended family; living together we find security, friendship, nonviolence, cooperation between generations, care for the elderly, and many other advantages.

The “Ecovillage Institute” operates on the site of Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire.