Where we've Been


First steps toward a collective Dream!

In 2014, a handful of resident members of Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire, decided to root an organization that would offer dynamic programs and unique experiences to shape positive change agents to secure our future . The Ecovillage Institute was created, a non-profit organization that wants to inspire hope.

In Fall 2014, one of the core member of this organization flew to Denmark, Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center, to take advantage of an EDE course ( Ecovillage Design Education, by Gaia Education). She was fortunate to visit four Ecovillages in Denmark and meet with different leaders of this network.

In 2015, she went to India and took a training in order to achieve the full EDE program. It was a shocking and fascinating eye-opener.

In Summer 2015, feeling a  great deal of breeze in our sails, we decided to put on workshops available throughout the summer. We fast realized that our geographic location represents a challenge for long-distance visitors. For that reason, we started an outreach campaign to spread the word out, giving small talks at different venues. We started a partnership with UNH cooperative extension and attended a variety of public events to share what we were doing. We also did a press conference, welcoming the public and a few elected Officials.

In 2016, new progress have been made.We did our first Introduction to Permaculture workshop. We launched our first French Immersion Experience with the AAFT-NH (American Association of French Teacher of NH) and we proudly hosted a pre-conference Tour for the ANREP (Association of the Natural Resource, Extension, Professional). We also received students from a local elementary school on the farm and some members of the Sau7 for a farm tour to seek idea to implement a Farm-to-School program at their schools.

We already have new ideas and a new web site for 2017…!