Renewable Energy Conference

What can we do collectively to accelerate the necessary societal changes?

In this presentation, Dr. Gueymard will discuss the development and rapid integration of Renewable Energy technologies in the context of a necessary transition toward a sustainable civilization. The potential of solar and wind energy, as well as current developments in the transportation sector, will be reviewed. The challenge of transforming all industrial and polluting “developed” countries into clean and sustainable societies will be evaluated in the context of current technological advances, economical constraints, population growth, diminution of natural resources, and climate change. A race against the clock is now engaged.

Chris A. Gueymard, Ph.D.

President, Solar Consulting Services


Dr. Gueymard has been active in solar energy applications for 40 years and developed an internationally recognized expertise in the fields of solar resource assessment, solar radiation modeling, radiometry, and their applications for energy production with solar systems or energy conservation in buildings and greenhouses. Some of the solar radiation models he has developed are being used widely by the international solar energy community. In particular, one of these models was used to obtain spectral irradiance standards needed for photovoltaic cells or advanced glazing testing and rating, material degradation testing, among many other applications.

He is a former Research Scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center, and now president of Solar Consulting Services. This company offers expert assistance to public and private institutions involved in solar energy or building applications. Services encompass the production of bankable data for high-end solar resource and PV yield assessments, using solar irradiance measurements and/or satellite-derived data obtained with the most advanced modeling techniques.

He is currently Associate Editor of the major scientific journal in the field, Solar Energy, and is regularly serving as referee for various scientific journals, conferences and doctoral theses. He has published 160 scientific papers in refereed journals or conference proceedings, as well as 30+ research reports or book chapters. In particular, he contributed to “Solar Energy—The State of the Art” (James & James, 2001), “Solar Radiation and Daylight Models” (Elsevier, 2004), “Modeling Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface” (Springer, 2008), “Solar Cells and their Applications” (Wiley, 2010), “Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology” (Springer, 2012), “Solar Energy” (Springer, 2013), and “High Concentrator Photovoltaics” (Springer, 2015).

His work on spectral solar radiation has led to the successful development of the SMARTS radiative transfer model, which is at the core of standards published by ASTM and IEC (for photovoltaic and building applications). He has been regularly serving on various technical committees for such organizations as ASHRAE, ASTM, CIE, NFRC, and the American Solar Energy Society.

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